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Empowering our Clients

STS is a leading provider of IT Consulting services to a range of marquee clients in the industry. With our experienced management team and more than a decade of providing services to our clients we are well positioned to bring the best in class talent and services. Our ability to cull the brightest from the market is key to our success. Our focus on our valued clients has ensured that we continue to set the bar higher with every interaction. Our core values that everyone on the team is bound by makes sure that we are fair to all constituents of our eco system including our clients, our employees, our community and our country. We believe in the motto..."We are what we are because of our clients."

Talent Management Providing a host of staffing from temporary staffing, consulting, offsite services to contract to hiring new talent
Software Development Agile Software Development leveraging global talent across time zones to ensure rapid dev cycles
IoT Internet of things Our team is helping usher in the next industrial revolution with IoT, Big Data Analytics and AI..
Engineering And Electrical Drawings The egineering team is culled from the best universities and trained extensively in CAD/CAM..