We enable you to successfully launch new products on time, reduce development schedules and remain competitive in the market. From concept development, digital modeling and virtual testing to rapid prototyping and value engineering, we help you at every critical stage of the design development process. Our design solutions are tailored to meet the needs of wide range of industry verticals

We have a great team with very strong background in multiple industries and excellent project management skills. The team has a combined experience of 40+ man years of experience in Manufacturing, Product R&D, Engineering Services, Structural Engineering and Automotive Engineering.More important our hands-on experience in working with Fortune 500 clients across the US and European markets and our ability to scale up quickly based on demand stands us in good stead.

What we offer

Mechanical Engineering Services

Product Concept Development

  • Converting conceptual sketches to technical drawings through 2D drafting
  • Developing 3D conceptual models from 2D drawings
  • Creating 3D animations to comprehend product behavior

Product Design Development

  • Developing manufacturing and assembly drawings with technical details
  • 3D modeling for assemblies and parts and model based definitions (MBD)

Reverse Engineering

  • Laser scanning and CMM inspection for mechanical parts
  • CAD conversion for legacy parts and assemblies
  • Design optimization for product performance improvement

Engineering Analysis & Design Optimization

  • CFD and FEA based engineering analysis for product testing
  • Design validation based on physical tests
  • Performance and design optimization

Value Engineering

  • Product Development cost control, design optimization and quality enhancement
  • Operational performance (cycle time) optimization
  • FMEA Studies for product and process improvement

Rapid Protyping

  • CAD modeling for rapid prototyping
  • Prototype development for physical testing
  • Prototype development using Polyjet technology

Electrical Engineering Services

We will support your electrical engineering department in real time with non-core tasks, allowing your engineers to concentrate on core activities. Our electrical and control engineers are prepared to give you full support in Electrical wiring diagrams, Cable diagrams, Panel Layout designs and Component lists. We can work with outlined hand sketches or a spreadsheet with the technical information so we can convert them into CAD drawings. Our team requires minimal interaction and will complete all electrical design documentation for you

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Update schematics from markups Detailing Services assembly drawing specific customer requirements
  • Update schematics from a change list and/or change descriptions
  • Create schematics from a spreadsheet and/or signal list, specification list or a reference project
  • Upgrade/retrofit schematics from a project overview and/or reference project
  • Design/Update panel layouts from layout markups and/or schematic markups
  • Upgrade/retrofit panel layouts from a project overview, schematics and original BOM
  • Generate bill of material from panel layout
  • Create cable pull charts for equipment installations from schematics
  • Field wiring distribution drawings for equipment installation

Switchgear Engineering

  • End-to-end switchgear engineering
  • Power / Control circuit wiring diagrams
  • Terminal Block Detail Diagrams
  • Switchgear Panel Elevation drawings
  • Design, Engineering and Drawing services for Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgear, Control gear and other related products

Enclosure Design Automation

  • Brings in all design parameters in the form of equations and relations
  • User interface facilitates a person without exposure to CAD to get a new design derivative
  • Interlinking the models through Rules, Logic and equations
  • User interface capable of taking input variables and performs necessary logic functions

Design Automation

Flush Bottom Valve

    Software: Pro/Engineer

    Scope of Work:

  • Develop Pilot Job for Fabrication Design
  • Product Validation
  • Casting design development
  • Develop top down design for various pressure classes
  • 2D Drafting and detailing

3 Peice Ball Valve

    Software: Pro/Engineer

    Scope of Work:

  • Design Parameter consolidation between sizes and classes
  • Flange mount & Butt weld joint design development
  • Develop skeleton and layout modelling
  • 2D Drafting and detailing